Why I started GreenpointMed

Often times when I begin a conversation about why GreenpointMed’s services are the right fit for a healthcare provider, I inevitably veer into the story of why I started GreenpointMed. It is not that I am eager to tell the story; I am not. By nature, I am a private person and shy at the opportunity to talk about myself. However, I find it instructive to detail the “why” because it ultimately is what the mission of GreenpointMed is built on – to make the business of healthcare simple & efficient for healthcare providers.

I am a big believer in process and have spent many hours studying the intricacies of process excellence from a variety of sources. These include Harvard Business Review, Six Sigma & Jack Welsh/GE. Any organization, no matter how big or small, will thrive or fail based on the internal processes it has. At GreenpointMed, our process is everything. It’s what allows us to create a streamlined system for claim submission and follow-up. Credentialing becomes less daunting and seems more of an opportunity instead of a liability. If we chat and you don’t hear me say the word “process” once during a conversation, I am probably having an off-day!

So why did I start GreenpointMed? I worked for some major financial corporations in New York City after I received a Master’s in Finance in 2011. You might have heard of some of the companies – American Express & Merrill Lynch. During my time working for these industry giants, I learned the importance of process and the need for it to be implemented, monitored and, when necessary, refined.

In the summer of 2015, my wife & I relocated to South Florida expecting our first son (who’s now two and climbing out of his crib!). After the move, I was fortunate enough to borrow office space from the best healthcare provider I know – my mother. One day she walked into my office and asked if I could help her with a few denied claims, because an insurer was stonewalling and not paying what she was owed. I reviewed the denied claims and said to myself what I imagine a lot of healthcare providers say upon receiving an EOB: “This looks like hieroglyphics!”

Now, I think I understand business, and I said to myself, “…if I can’t make sense of this insurance stuff, what does someone who has spent their life dedicated to the study of medicine and helping others do? My mom can’t be the only one experiencing these types of problems.” At that moment, GreenpointMed was born.

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, approximately 9 in 10 adult Americans had health insurance as of 2016. There are numerous money flows in healthcare between patients, insurers, doctors and governments totaling trillions of dollars and all running super inefficiently. According to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid services, healthcare spending accounted for nearly 18% of GDP, or over $3 trillion in 2015. The bottom line: healthcare is an enormous industry, controlled by a handful of dominant players and constantly kept in a state of limbo by politics. This combination creates complexities for every stakeholder in the industry, from a small solo practitioner to the Administrator of CMS (currently Seema Verma, and a strong candidate for Health and Human Services Secretary).

GreenpointMed’s goal is to make this complex world seem a little more orderly and a little more efficient. We are a small fish in a big pond, but I believe we make a difference. I am confident that the nearly 35 clients we bill for feel this way too, and I am beyond appreciative of the trust they have placed in GreenpointMed as an indispensable partner for their practice.

And yes, if you were wondering, those denied claims did get paid.


Justin GainesWhy I started GreenpointMed

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