Become an In-Network Provider

Spend More Time on Your Practice & Patients, Less Time on Insurance Paperwork

Working with GreenpointMed will eliminate the headache of credentialing with insurance panels. Our dedicated process ensures that applications are completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner. We aggressively follow-up with network management teams at insurer credentialing departments to “keep the line moving.” Our team has experience applying to all insurers, including Medicare & Medicaid, in every state.

Our credentialing service is an excellent fit for:

  • Providers
    • Just getting their practice off the ground
    • Leaving a practice with credentialing status to open a new practice or join an existing practice
    • Looking to expand the community of patients they can treat by adding more insurance contracts
  • Practices
    • Just getting off the ground, with need for expediency due to bills and general office maintenance
    • Credentialing new clinicians under an existing EIN and Type II NPI
    • Creating group contracts & negotiating reimbursement rates

The process starts with a 1-page checklist collecting information about the provider. Once that’s completed, our work begins.

Our goal is to collect all necessary information up-front. This will minimize delays and issues down the road. There is required documentation which we’ll collect from you that will be needed for certain applications. We’ll also assist in the attestation of your CAQH profile, and make sure all demographic information matches.

How can working with us help you?

  • We complete all paperwork and send to you for review & signature. All coordination between the credentialing representatives at the insurers is handled by our team.
  • Our network of contacts allows us to speak to the right people and the decision makers at the insurers.
  • GreenpointMed has established best practices and a well-managed process that will maximize your opportunity of being accepted onto a panel and ensure a smooth credentialing process.

3 Easy Tips for Credentialing Podcast

Listen as our CEO, Justin Gaines, is interviewed on a podcast discussing 3 Easy Tips for Applying to Insurance Panels. After listening to this podcast, you should feel confident that the credentialing process can be made simple & efficient, and that GreenpointMed can help you maximize the returns on your credentialing journey.


“Shortly after making a decision to start my own private practice, I was quickly overwhelmed at the incredible amount of confusing paperwork required to become a provider with insurance companies. Everything had to be filled out correctly or the application would be rejected. I was also aware that it could take four months or longer for some companies to get back to me. At the end of week of sorting through forms, phone prompts and hours on hold, I stumbled across Justin’s website. I reached out and was impressed from the start. Justin’s level of professionalism and knowledge calmed my anxieties about the whole process of becoming a provider. Justin’s level of communication was exceptional, as was his transparency. It was very easy to get in touch with him, and if I didn’t reach him initially, I would get a return phone call or email within a day or so. With Justin’s help, I became an approved provider with four major insurance companies plus Medicare & Medicaid. I couldn’t recommend Justin’s services high enough.” – Amber P, Texas

“I just got my Medicare number after a long couple of months.I want to thank this outstanding company, for being there for me, this entire process!!!… Justin, was always there when I had a question about it and always reassure me everything was going to be ok!!.. Thank you so much !!!!!…I had such a great experience working with them!!… Highly recommend them!!!” – Karen L, Florida

“Justin helped me get credentialed and the experience has been wonderful! What I like best about working with Justin is that he is responsive and always returns my emails and calls. He has helped me get onto insurance panels, which has helped me build my practice!” – Michelle M, Florida

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